Between origin and the spirit of time

Our fashion is based on a combination of clear cuts with surprising, unusual details. The line, colours and ideas of the collections have their finger on the pulse of our time.

This clear and, at times, strict design searches for its contrast in the playful handling of attributes and valencies. It is in this composition that the wearers of our fashion find the expression of their own uniqueness.

The origin of Mothwurf in folk dress cannot be ignored. But with us, this origin does not appear as a self-repeating quotation, but rather a starting point for unmistakable and ever-new excursions into the fashion of the time and the cultures of our world.

People who wear Mothwurf do not allow their clothes to divert attention. They rest in themselves. From the wish that clothes should be one with those wear them, Mothwurf combines the dimension of design with the dimension of feeling. Whoever gets in touch with the fabric of fashion by Mothwurf senses the highest quality of natural materials and demanding finishing.