Fabric for Body and Soul

We use high-quality silk blends from Austria, handcrafted French lace or silk borders with exclusive Mothwurf design and some other fantastic fabrics and every material in the collections comes from Central Europe and fair conditions.

Silk blends from the Austrian Waldviertel:
The mixture of silk and stretch creates an extraordinary comfort and spreads elegance and a noble appearance at the same time. These fabrics are designed and manufactured in Austria and come from a production that consists exclusively of experts in their field.

Bordures with an exclusive and unique design:
The borders of our Skirts and Dresses with this design and in this form are only available at Mothwurf and reflect the topic of the collections.

Lace with infinite attention to detail:
Our tips come either from certain parts of France or from Vorarlberg. The artful craft of lace production represents a wonderful tradition for these regions and we are glad to use them for our products.

Buttons with Character

Lovingly made custom buttons and clasps:
We are especially proud of the buttons and clasps, that are matching with the topic of each collection. These are created in collaboration with an Austrian jewelry designer and give every piece of clothing a unique character.

Staghorn & Mother-of-Pearl:
The high quality of the materials we use got a significant value for us. Natural materials play a particularly important role. Every single button gives a very graceful impression.

This season got its focus an the painted porcelain buttons. Each one must first be individually shaped and baked. Then another process follows, in which the buttons are glazed and then baked again. Finally, they get painted with craftsmanship and fired a third time. Every button is a masterpiece.