Fair, Sustainable, Europe

Dear Customers!

Thank you for your interest in our products, which will give you pleasure for a long time. Anyone who goes with Mothwurf fashion has opted a product with tradition and Austrian identity that has been produced for you using the finest materials.

The Schramke-Mothwurf Family and
the entire Mothwurf team!

The high-quality materials for our products come from countries with textile tradition such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Stefanie Schramke is responsible for the design together with daughter Anna-Katharina Mayer. The unmistakable design bridges the gap between origin and zeitgeist and is characterized by passion, clarity and an infinite love for details.

Just as the raw materials come from selected countries with a textile tradition, production also takes place exclusively in Central Europe.

The Schramke-Mothwurf family has been dealing with textiles since about 1770. Since 1988, the Mothwurf brand has been available from distribution partners in many European countries. The next generation is just beginning to continue this tradition with passion.